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Published by Wellbel Editors | January 24, 2022

By Michella Chester

I never realized how much my hair meant to me for most of my life.

I always had long, full hair, and my mom would hardly ever let me cut it as a little girl. Aside from begging to at times chop it off when I was little, I didn’t really think twice about my hair and didn’t associate it as a large part of my appearance, confidence or self worth. By high school I had hair all the way down my back. I would wear braids and pony tails, and it was then that I started to really “like” my hair.

About that time is when your style starts changing, your wardrobe, and with that, I thought I wanted to try to dye my hair. Up until I was probably 10 years old, I had bleach blonde hair. My whole family has dark hair and olive skin, and I was always the little blonde one walking around that everyone wondered why I was different. I honestly loved that though, and started to identify with it. Even when my hair slowly started to change and get darker and darker, my sisters and mom still would think of me as the blonde one, or describe me as blonde, even though I was far from it by that point. By the time all my natural highlights were gone, I wanted to be blonde again. And so the bleaching began. I entered college and it only made me want to be blonder. I didn’t notice the damage I was doing at the time, but it slowly started breaking higher and higher up my hair, and I could notice the thinning.

At that point, I decided to take a break from dying it, and let it grow for 1.5 years. I got some of my length back, but it was still frail and brittle, and my ends were so stringy. Upon my senior year, I was growing bored of my hair again, something that had now become a very big part of my appearance and confidence. I figured I could put a little bit of blonde back in, since it was already pretty damaged. The thinning and breaking at this point was no longer subtle, it was drastic. I felt like I lost almost half of my hair worth of fullness in a few months time, and I was filled with regret for bleaching it again.

I started trying everything I could find. I searched the internet for supplements.

I put drops on my head. I would eat particular foods, I bought a filter for my shower. I bought expensive shampoos and treatments that were for damaged, over-processed hair, and nothing worked.

Graduation approached and soon after I was starting a dream job as digital host and sports reporter. This meant I would be on-camera almost every single day… have to heat style my hair every day, and I had damaged hair up to my shoulders with not enough hair to do many styles. If I wore it straight, it was too obvious how damaged it was, and looked quite different than all of the beautiful, full hair you typically see on TV that reporters have. Slicked back buns it was! I went to the hairstylist to get some of the blonde out of it in effort to make it healthier and touch up the front pieces that were lightened, and when she took the towel off my head it had pulled orange. We ended up having to process it five more times, further damaging my hair. At this point, you can only imagine how much hair I had left.

I again tried everything I could, and nothing worked. The hair pills I tried would make be breakout, they gave me severe stomach problems, and I had to stop them immediately. I was so disappointed by all of the options out there that were so highly marketed but only had bad side effects on my body and I was so deeply saddened and disappointed as I felt there was no hope to get my hair back to how it once was. I followed Danielle Bernstein on Instagram and saw she had been through a similar situation with bleaching her hair, and now had beautiful long brunette hair using Wellbel. She preached about how it would not upset your stomach or break you out, so I figured why not try one more thing.

I cut all of my dead ends and had short hair above my shoulders. Basically a blank slate, and then with Wellbel, my hair slowly but surely started to grow back. My ends got thicker, new hairs grew in to bring my fullness back, and now I couldn’t be happier with my hair. I am back to my healthy and full brunette hair, I am able to style it however I want for work without feeling the need to hide it, and it has boosted my confidence beyond belief. I don’t know that I will ever stop taking Wellbel now that I have found a product like this. The ingredients are natural and healthy, and I have no worry about what I am putting into my body.

I went from never thinking about my hair… to obsessing over it and associating it with my self worth and confidence. As much as maybe it shouldn’t be, you don’t realize how much your hair affects how you feel about yourself.

Because of Wellbel, I am feeling so confident and beautiful.

And luckily for my family and friends, they no longer have to hear me talking about my hair to no end anymore….. I couldn’t recommend this product more.

Michella Chester

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