Real Story Highlight - Asiye Elevli

Published by Wellbel Editors | February 10, 2022

I first started taking Wellbel about 3 months ago.

After looking through multiple accounts, following real people that took Wellbel and researching the ingredients, I felt that Wellbel really cares about the interaction of their ingredients and uses the right amount of each. There was not a crazy amount of biotin like in some other brands. I started taking it around November 5th and made sure my diet was simple, so that I could easily rule out if it was causing any stomach or mood issues (part of an elimination diet).

After years of working on creating a healthy gut and looking for things that complimented my food intake naturally, I didn’t want to add a product that would cause me to bloat again, even if it meant having great hair.

The brain and gut are connected pathways and I didn't want to reverse my good work.

I can sometimes get consumed by the moment and forget to eat breakfast. I was happy to learn that even though it was three pills, it didn’t matter if I took them in the morning or later at night. I was so happy not to have any stomach issues, and even when I missed a day or two, everything was normal stomach wise.

Dealing with IBS can be tricky and any addition of supplements usually calls for a long documented food diary and looking for any signs of inflammation.

Now almost three months in, I can say that I am hooked.

First, I stopped shedding as much and the baby hairs grew in without breakage. I have always had great baby hair, but they always stayed short, now they are so much longer! I’ve also had decent nails, but would always have to cut them short or else they would break. My nails now click-clack a bunch when they hit the keys and I haven’t had a chip on any nail in the last four weeks. I can’t wait to see where Wellbel takes me, as I can already see the end of my ponytail getting less wispy, and fuller.

Asiye Elevli

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