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Glamlab provides the right essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to equally support hair, skin and nail health from the inside out.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the recommended usage?

Wellbel Glamlab is a single dose of three capsules once a day at your convenience! We suggest taking our supplements with food, either AM or PM.

Does Wellbel Glamlab work for all hair types?

Yes! The key ingredients used in Wellbel supplements work with all hair types and textures.

Will Wellbel Glamlab cause hair to grow in places other than my head?

No! Saw palmetto, a main ingredient, helps balance hormones and keeps hair growing only where you want it.

Is Wellbel Glamlab suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

We don't suggest taking any supplements when you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless directed by your healthcare provider.

Does Wellbel Glamlab cause breakouts?

Many hair supplements have large doses of Biotin. Too much Biotin can lead to breakouts, rashes, and acne. Our products only have 500 mcg of Biotin compared to 2,500 - 10,000 mcg in other supplements. Our mission is to use the right therapeutic dosing of the highest quality ingredients to ensure a beautiful glow to your skin.

What is the difference between Wellbel Glamlab and Wellbel Men?

Wellbel men has a higher dose of Saw Palmetto, which decreases DHT, the form of testosterone responsible for male pattern baldness. In addition, we added Zinc and Copper which are important for testosterone conversion and improve hair integrity.

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