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Can COVID Really Cause Hair Loss?

By Dr. Daniel Yadegar |
Can COVID Really Cause Hair Loss?

COVID hair loss is really a thing.

While our research and understanding of COVID is still evolving, at this point we understand that the virus can cause cold and flu-like symptoms. What’s less talked about is the effect COVID can have on our hair.

Many people have reported hair loss or thinning after testing positive for COVID. In this post, we’ll briefly outline how COVID impacts hair growth and when most people can expect to see their hair bounce back.

Why Does COVID Cause Hair Loss?

When our body goes through major stress, whether that be an illness (like COVID) or pregnancy, it produces a stress hormone called cortisol. 

Cortisol, produced primarily by the adrenal glands, pushes hair follicles increasingly into the resting or shedding phase. This phenomenon is known clinically as telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium usually lasts about three to six months and can sometimes be chronic, causing persistent hair thinning and loss. 

At this stage, you may notice your hair “falling out” in the shower or when you brush it. 

How Long Does Telogen Effluvium Last? 

The good thing is that most telogen effluvium resolves on its own, without any intervention.  However, certain stress-reducing lifestyle measures can be taken to help recover more quickly.  These include:

  • Reducing the sources of emotional and physical stress through mindful activities like yoga, gardening, walks through nature, meditation, and self-care. 
  • Eating a balanced diet or taking supplements with appropriate dosages of vitamin D and biotin. 
  • Getting tested and treated for any thyroid abnormalities or vitamin deficiencies. 
  • Topical treatments like Minoxidil.

Recovering From COVID-Related Hair Loss

At wellbel, we believe in a holistic approach to hair loss.

While our supplements provide many of the ingredients to help combat COVID hair loss, lifestyle measures like adequate sleep, diet and stress management are pivotal to achieve optimal outcomes. Our hair’s appearance is a direct reflection of our internal wellness.

If you’re dealing with COVID-related hair loss, we feel for you. It’s already enough to deal with this virus, let alone a troubling loss of something as personal as hair. The good news is that your hair should recover over the next few months, especially if you prioritize stress reduction and your mental and physical wellbeing.



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Dr. Daniel Yadegar
Dr. Daniel Yadegar is wellbel’s Medical Director. As a triple board-certified and Harvard-trained doctor, Dr. Dan is widely considered a pioneer in integrative medicine. His medical research has been cited by the New York Times and he’s shared his expertise on major news networks. Dr. Dan believes in formulating supplements of the highest standard, with exclusively non-comedogenic ingredients, that are suited for all hair types and textures.
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