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Wellbel Women
Wellbel Women
“After experiencing postpartum hair loss, I tried so many supplements and nothing worked until I found Wellbel. My hair completely transformed just a few months into my Wellbel journey. I couldn’t be happier to share about a product that actually works and that I can recommend to other women struggling.”
- Elsa Hosk
“I’ve definitely started seeing some growth in the receding area. I am super stoked and definitely plan to continue my Wellbel journey.”
- Diego
“I have been taking Wellbel supplements for three months now and I could not be happier. I have always had healthy hair; however, this year everything changed. My hair started breaking, stopped growing, and just looked very unhealthy. I did a lot of research about the active ingredients before trying Wellbel, and they didn’t disappoint! Wellbel restored my shiny, healthy hair. Thank you, Wellbel!”
- Ritta
"I've tried prescription medications and different supplement brands and Wellbel is the only thing that actually worked! I finally wake up in the morning not concerned about how to comb over my hair."
- Adam
“I saw my hair stylist a couple weeks ago and he said, “oh my god, your hair is so thick, it’s not breaking anymore.” And, I went to my dermatologist who said “whatever you’re doing with your skin, keep it up.” And that’s when I was like, oh wow, Wellbel is really working.”
- Meredith
“After 3 months on Wellbel, my hair is noticeably thicker and growing much faster.”
- Colton
“Wellbel has CHANGED my hair! After 6 months on Wellbel, my hair has never been this long without extensions and I couldn't be happier!”
- Brooke
“While something as simple as my hair growing again seemed superficial, I started to smile in the mirror and began to recognize myself again. I have Wellbel to thank for being a piece of the puzzle that allowed me to be one step closer to feeling like me again.”
- Allie
"I've struggled with temporal balding from stress and post-COVID effects. Luckily, Wellbel has ignited new hair growth within the past 6 months!"
- Amber
“Ever since using Wellbel, I have seen my hair become healthier, shinier, longer, and stronger. Due to many factors, my hair was brittle and constantly breaking & thinning. Wellbel has been a game changer!”
- Gabriella
“2 years in I can't believe it! Never had a supplement that has shown such immediate results that have led to compliments from so many people.”
- Rebecca

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This product has changed my life for the better.
"My hair is growing stronger, thicker, and fuller. This product has changed my life for the better and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve growing healthy and stronger hair!"
My hair is noticeably thicker and growing much faster.
"After 3 months on Wellbel, my hair is noticeably thicker and growing much faster."
Even my hair stylist noticed.
"I have been taking Wellbel for 6 months and my curls are flourishing. I couldn't remember the last time l've seen my hair like this. I've really seen an improvement with the length and how strong it is now."
I highly recommend this product to anyone who is going through age-related hormonal changes!
"I switched from Nutrafol to Wellbel 6 months ago when not seeing the results I hoped for. I am so thankful Wellbel asked me to be in the Women+ focus group. My hair was very dry and my hairline was receding. I am amazed at the new growth 6 months later and the improvement in my overall hair health and texture. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is going through age-related hormonal changes!"
Three months later, I was blown away by the transformation!
"I started taking these vitamins and had little to no expectations. Three months later, I was blown away by the transformation- I truly wouldn't believe it was possible if it wasn't my own experience."

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