From humble roots

Wellbel was born where science meets heart, using only the purest ingredients. Dr. Dan was personally motivated by his siblings’ hair challenges resulting in their loss of self-confidence. What began as a passion project quickly evolved into a one-of-a-kind wellness journey with transformative results.

Our Values

Empowering Confidence

At Wellbel, we are more than just a supplement. We are dedicated to nourishing from within and empowering our best self.

No Artificial Ingredients, Ever

Only the safest, highest quality vegan ingredients you really need for optimal results. No harmful fillers.

Community Driven

We're a thriving community that embraces a passion for learning and sharing authentic experiences.  

medical director – Dr. Dan Yadegar

"I started Wellbel with the belief that science matters. Purity and raw materials matter. Appropriate dosing and selections of ingredients matter. Results matter. Above all, you matter. With us, you can trust the effectiveness of the ingredients. Because we never use anything unnecessary, ever. Welcome to your new daily ritual, rooted in self-confidence and based on science."

The Wellbel Way

Taking matters into his own hands, Dr. Dan, a Harvard-trained physician, felt compelled to find a solution to help his sisters and others alike. Guided by the belief that quality products and emotional wellness should come first, we became the brand we know and love, Wellbel.

“When my younger sisters came to me a few years ago with hair loss struggles, I wanted to help. In searching for the ideal hair, skin & nail supplement, I could not find a formulation that I trusted. As a functional medicine doctor, after pouring over the products on the market and seeing the questionable ingredients, this became personal!” — Dr. Dan Yadegar

The Wellbel Way has always focused on our passion for wellness and growing trust in our community. We genuinely believe in the power of self-confidence and embracing your overall well-being using only 100% vegan ingredients. As you join us on this wellness journey, we welcome you with open arms and excitement—let's do this together.