The Wellbel Way

Real People, Real Stories, Real Results.

Backed by science, designed by Dr. Dan, Wellbel is formulated for the after. For the hair you shake, the skin you show off, and the nails you tap in anticipation.
Araliya Gunawardene
" I have terrible hair loss when I'm stressed and decided to try these. I've been taking the 3 pills daily for about 2-3 months now and have noticed a huge difference; even my mom notices the difference. My hair is not only not falling out anymore, but it's thicker, fuller, softer, and shinier. I started noticing a difference probably after only 2-3 weeks of taking the pills. Let me just reiterate - I am not pulling out handfuls of hair in the shower anymore. And I haven't experienced any side effects like some other brands (usually skin problems). These pills are magic and I HIGHLY recommend! "
Emily Klawonn
" After bleaching my hair for 4 years my hair was a total mess. It was above my shoulders because it couldn’t grow, and it was so thin I probably could’ve held it all together with a small paperclip. It was also very fine and had breaking all the way up the strands. I started taking these about 7 months ago and my hair has grown more in the last 7 months than in the last 5 years. Also the thickness of my hair has done a total 180°. I’ve always been self conscious about my hair and wore hair extensions but now after taking these pills I love my natural hair! THANK YOU. Dr Dan for creating these pills literally sent from heaven! "
Lauren Sachs
" Once I found Wellbel and starting taking it, I noticed results within a couple of weeks. I chose Wellbel because of the transparency about the ingredients and the low amount of biotin, since I have very acne prone skin. My hair has never been nicer. It is growing super fast and feels healthier and thicker than it ever has been. I am obsessed with Wellbel! "
Stefanie de Roux
" My hair was so thin that it would dry in minutes, now it has gotten so thick that it now takes more time to dry, and I love it. "
Pam Cotton
" I cannot thank Wellbel enough for changing my life because I do believe the hair brings the confidence to every woman and I think everyone should experience this and I thank you! "
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