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6 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

By Mary Kate Nyland |
6 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

Thin hair. Let’s talk about it.

Whether you’re experiencing thinning hair as you get older or have always had naturally fine hair, the fact is that thin hair can be a little complicated to style. With less hair, you might feel like you have less options when it comes to cuts. 

While we happen to believe that anyone can pull off any look with the right amount of confidence, we understand the feeling. Hair texture and density does play a large role in how a style appears. The same cut on thick hair can look dramatically different on thin hair.

So with that in mind, today we’re going to talk about some flattering haircuts and styles that can help thin or thinning hair look more voluminous. 

Understanding Hair Thinning 

First, let’s briefly touch on some hair science. Why does thinning hair happen, especially as we get older?

Hormonal Changes

One of the biggest reasons is a hormonal shift. Remember, our hair is just an extension of our internal balance and wellness. When something dramatically changes inside, it’s only natural that we’d see a change on the outside.

For women, these hormonal shifts often occur during menopause and after pregnancy. We have a blog post all about it, here.


Genetics also play a key role in determining how your hair will behave over the course of your life. Androgenic alopecia is a type of hair loss that can lead to thinning or bald patches and while it’s commonly associated with male pattern baldness, the truth is that it also impacts women.


Lastly, and less often talked about, there’s the impact of stress on your hair. Sudden, extreme stress related to an injury or trauma, as well as chronic stress, related to long periods of anxiety, have both been linked to hair loss and hair thinning. 

It’s important to understand why you’re experiencing hair thinning, because while styles and cuts can help reduce the appearance of hair loss, your internal wellness is often the strongest determining factor when it comes to your hair’s appearance.

Hair loss isn’t a one way street. There are steps you can take to help recover your hair density and thickness, like reducing your stress and ensuring you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals through a daily supplement. A daily hair routine + a flattering haircut can make all the difference for your thinner hair.

6 Styles and Cuts That Will Help Your Hair Look Fuller

If you have straight and finer texture hair, you might find that it's challenging to do your hair to give it more volume. But we’re here to help with six cuts and styles that add more volume to your hair.

Remember, everyone’s hair is a little different. Hairstyles for thin hair depend on your hair type, hair length, and hair color. So pick and choose which of these tips is right for you and remember it’s a journey, not a destination.

#1: Ghost Layers

Many women with thin hair are told to get light layers to give the appearance of fuller hair. But if you’ve tried it, you know it can go either way, particularly with straight and fine hair. Choppy layers or shaggy layers on straight and fine hair can look jagged and damaged. That can be especially true when you don’t have the time to style and create loose waves with a curling iron or flat iron.

That’s where ghost layers can help. They’re long layers, cut on dry hair, not damp hair, which helps the stylist create subtle definition and volume that you can recreate at home, even when you let your hair air dry. 

#2: Piecy Bob

Different from thick hair, thin hair requires more intentional and exaggerated cutting to give it life. But when done correctly, something like a piecy, short bob can accentuate the face shape and help all the hair you have work harder for you.

A classic bob is blunt and neat. A piecy, chin length bob is all about texture. It’s an effortless style that will always look cool, whether you opt for face framing pieces or side swept bangs. Those different hair lengths at the edge of the bob will help you achieve more the look of more voluminous hair.

#3: Long Bangs

Speaking of bangs, let’s talk about how they can boost thin hair. Short bangs on thin hair don’t always do the job. You might end up seeing more of your forehead than you bargained for. That’s why we recommend opting for curtain bangs.

These long, face framing layers will add dimension to your haircut and they’re also fairly easy to style more voluminously, with a round brush, a hair dryer, and some texturizing spray. If you’re looking for instant shape, long curtain bangs really can go a long way.

#4: Blunt Lob

If you want to maintain your medium length hair, one great option is a blunt cut, lobbed off right around the shoulders.

People with thin fine hair tend to lose their fullness past their shoulders. If your thin hair, when long, creates a triangle shape down your back, that’s exactly what we mean. And so a blunt cut can help medium length hair look thicker by grouping your ends into a sharp, strong finish. Personally, we love a long textured blunt bob. It always looks put together.

#5: Dense Pixie

If you’re willing to go more daring, a shorter hair look can be the move for fine hair. It can sound a little counterintuitive, but cutting your hair short can actually create volume. A short hair style won’t be so weighed down, meaning you can easily create lift and stop your hair from falling flat.

A pixie cut will also help prevent your scalp from peeking through, which can happen with very thin, limp hair. So if you’re willing to give up the longer length, a dense pixie can definitely be an intriguing option.

#6: Shadow Root

So far we’ve talked about hair cuts and styles, but there are some color choices you can make to help give your hair definition. A shadow root is a dye technique in which a stylist will apply a slightly darker color on the root of the hair. For brunette hair, it might be a dark, chocolate brown. For blonde hair, it might be a light brown or dirty blonde color. 

Imagine a blonde bob, all the same color, with fine thin hair. It might look a little flat. Now imagine it with a darker root and some highlights. Add a few natural waves and suddenly we have dimension and life.

A shadow root can help fine hair from looking sparse by concealing the scalp and giving thinner hair the illusion of depth. If you want to maintain long hair but give it the illusion of thicker hair, a shadow root can help.

Hair Health and Confidence

From adding a few layers to bringing in some long side bangs, if you have thin, finer hair, there are plenty of options to volumize at the hair salon. A long layered haircut can create the illusion of thicker-looking hair, and curtain bangs can help frame the face while also giving your hair extra volume. 

In addition to styles, there are products you can use to give your hair more grip, like a texture spray or dry shampoo. Just remember to approach thin hair with an emphasis both on your internal wellness and your external styling. Proper nourishment, in combination with a flattering style can help you achieve voluminous, fuller-looking hair, even if you have naturally thin, flat hair. 

Don't let long thin hair strands, straight hair, or a finer hair texture hold you back from having the hair you want. Experiment with different haircuts and products to find what works best for you!


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