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A Guide to Taking Wellbel

By Mary Kate Nyland |
A Guide to Taking Wellbel

From all of us here at Wellbel, welcome.

Whether you’re just beginning your hair care journey or you’re starting a new era of hair health, we’re happy to call you a member of our community. 

Hair care is deeply personal. Everyone’s hair is different and everyone’s relationship to their hair has its differences.

If you’ve had a hard time growing healthy hair, you might feel at your wits end. Dealing with dry, brittle hair that refuses to grow can be so frustrating. Or maybe you’re dealing with sudden hair loss or hair loss related to aging. These changes can be jarring. Or perhaps you like your hair exactly as it is and you’re looking to keep it looking healthy and prevent hair loss. 

For better or for worse, hair makes up a large portion of our appearance. It’s no wonder why so many people have deep personal connections to their hair. 

No matter what you’re dealing with, our mission is to help you transform your self-confidence; a mission that we believe starts from within. Similarly, hair growth is a science that starts from within. 

If you’ve just purchased your first jar of Wellbel Women or Wellbel Men, we hope this guide helps you understand what you can hope to expect. While everyone’s journey is different and results can vary, this is a strong starting point for integrating the nourishing ingredients from these hair supplements into your life.

What’s in Wellbel?

Let’s start with the basics. How do the ingredients in Wellbel support hair health and how do they help address thinning hair or excessive shedding? It’s a good question. There are so many hair growth supplements out there, it can be hard to tell which ones actually promote hair growth safely. 

We want to go through the ingredients first because we believe hair health is just as important as any other form of health. It’s vital that you understand what these ingredients do and how hair growth vitamins work. In our experience, this information will inspire you to keep up the routine and ensure your body is getting enough of these key nutrients every day.

Wellbel Women

Dr. Dan, Wellbel’s Medical Director, believes wholeheartedly that healthy hair growth starts from within and therefore one of the chief objectives of this formula is to address vitamin deficiencies.

Wellbel Women includes vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate (or folic acid), and vitamin E, all crucial vitamins for hair growth as well as the health of skin and nails. Each of these vitamins play a role in collagen production, skin cell regeneration, and the distribution of fresh oxygen to hair follicles. 

For more information, we have an entire blog about the dangers of a vitamin D deficiency. You can read it here.

So what makes Wellbel Women different? Well many vitamins for hair growth contain unsafe levels of their components, for example excess biotin. These formulas can actually have a reverse effect, potentially leading to breakouts. 

In addition to the safe dosages of each ingredient, Wellbel Women includes a number of clean, plant-based ingredients which support hair growth, including horsetail powder, stinging nettle leaf, and saw palmetto fruit extract. 

Wellbel Men

Likewise for men, not all hair growth supplements are made the same. In fact many mens’ options include drugs like finasteride which, while effective at curbing hair loss and kickstarting hair growth, can have unfortunate sexual side effects.

The Wellbel Men difference comes down to natural ingredients. Wellbel Men’s saw palmetto contents replicates the effects of finasteride and does so naturally, without any of those side effects. In addition to the vitamins mentioned above which strengthen hair growth, Wellbel Men also includes zinc, selenium, and copper. Deficiencies in these nutrients have all been tied to hair loss.

Wellbel Men is a great option for men who have experienced hair loss already, but it’s also a powerful preventative measure. For men who are looking to retain what they have, Wellbel Men can help keep hair looking youthful and the hairline intact. 

How Should You Take Wellbel?

So let’s start on day one with Wellbel, when your journey to help improve healthy hair growth begins.

Building the Routine

Both Wellbel Women and Wellbel Men are daily vegan supplements. Every day, you should take three capsules. These can be taken all at once, so you don’t need to spread them out over the course of the day.

We recommend taking them with food. It’s easier to remember that way. The biggest piece of advice we have with Wellbel hair supplements is to prioritize consistency. Hair thinning rarely happens overnight and the road to stronger, thicker hair similarly takes time. You can expect an adjustment period when starting your hair care journey. In the meantime, you’ll be supplying vital ingredients to hair follicles, eventually helping to produce stronger hair.

What Can You Do to Support Wellbel’s Nourishing Ingredients?

As you improve your vitamin intake with Wellbel, there are other steps you can take to support hair health. In combination with the nourishing ingredients found in our supplements, these behaviors can help address hair loss.

Improve Your Diet

Diets low in vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B deprive the scalp of the important nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair. Insufficient intake can lead to weaker hair strands and stagnant growth. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to eat a rich, balanced diet, full of healthy fats and leafy greens. Hair is mostly protein, so making sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet is also key.

Manage Sleep and Stress

In addition to your diet, hair quality and hair growth are also seriously impacted by sleep and stress. One of the most common forms of hair loss — telogen effluvium hair loss — is caused by extreme stress, whether due to illness, trauma, or emotional triggers.

Your external appearance is informed by the balance and resilience of your internal wellness. Prioritize destressing and getting as much sleep as possible to give your hair and skin the conditions it needs to thrive. 

Give Your Hair a Break

If you’re looking to strengthen existing hair in addition to your goals to increase hair growth, one of the best things you can do is lay off the harsh hair care products and heat styling tools. 

Hair breakage is frequently caused by overuse of devices like hair straighteners and blow dryers. We know these tools can feel like a lifeline when it comes to looking and feeling your best, but if you want to avoid damaged hair, try to give it regular breaks from them.

When Can You Expect to See Changes?

So, jumping forward in time, when can you expect to see results? 

Expected Timeline

Being realistic is important. Like we said, thinning hair is not improved overnight and everyone’s hair is different. Most people can expect to start to see results after ninety days of continuous use. Here’s a rough guideline, to give you an idea of the Wellbel journey:


  • Month 1: At the beginning, focus on building the routine of your daily capsule intake.
  • Month 2: You may start to notice results during your second month. Some of our community members do.
  • Month 3: After three months of Wellbel, hair can start to look healthier. You may start to notice new growth and less shedding.
  • Month 4: Continued benefits can keep coming the more you take Wellbel. Many people report fuller, longer, shinier, and healthier hair.

Tracking Progress is Key

More often, results are better seen after three months. Our recommendation for tracking progress is to regularly take photos of your hair so you can compare over time. When taking the photos, make sure you focus on key areas for hair growth, like your part, your hairline and of course, your inches.

If you have a Wellbel account, you can track your progress using our journey tool here.

As is the case with all hair supplements, the longer you take them, the more robust your results. Stick to it and be patient. As you’ll see from the before and after photos on our site and social pages, these ingredients can work. 

Who Can You Reach Out to With Questions?

If you ever have questions about these ingredients or want to discuss your experience with them, we’re always here to help.

Contact Wellbel’s Support Team

You can reach out to our support team on our website or direct message us on Instagram for insight and advice. 

Kickstart Your Hair Care Journey

One of the most frequent questions we hear from people is this: do vitamins for hair work? With the support of board-certified dermatologists, and a staggering number of positive experiences from our community, we wholeheartedly endorse the vitamins and nutrients found in Wellbel. 

Taking supplements can sometimes be difficult to remember, but your hair, skin, and nails will be thankful that you did. To address vitamin deficiency and help boost your hair growth journey, take Wellbel every day. We can’t wait to see what nourishing from within does for your self-confidence.


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Mary Kate Nyland
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