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Real Story Highlight - Gabriela Canales

By Gabriela Canales |
Real Story Highlight - Gabriela Canales

We tend to think of our hair, our skin, and our nails as external parts of our body, but the truth is that their appearance is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally.

Our iron levels, vitamin intake, and hydration levels all have a huge impact on hair health. If you’re dealing with dull hair and skin, breakage, hair thinning, or brittle and weak nails, you’ve probably started researching for miracle cures. The truth is that a lot of the so-called best hair vitamins and biotin vitamins have been insufficiently vetted by the medical and wellness communities. Or they may work, but only to a point.

It’s our mission to change that.

Wellbel is an all-natural, vegan, clean, and drug-free supplement that helps nourish your hair, skin, and nails from within. From 1A to 4C, Wellbel supports hair growth and improves hair health for adults of all ages. 

Every day, we hear stories from our community that show us how these ingredients have the power to radically change people’s self-confidence. Today, we want to share one from Gabriela, who dealt with dangerously low iron levels and fought back with nutrition and Wellbel.

How Wellbel Helped Gabriela Heal From Hair Loss

When I first came across Wellbel it was on a little thing called Instagram. 

I started to see the incredible results that some people had with taking this miracle working supplement. As a young girl and teenager, I always had very thick wavy hair. However, all that would change after I graduated High School.

After my graduation, I went through a low time in my life personally. I stopped eating properly and suffered mentally. My life had always been jammed packed with tennis tournaments and horse shows. Now, I knew and felt all of that was going to change as I entered this new phase of my life. So, with the massive changes in my nutrition my hair and nails suffered instantly. I saw gobs and gobs of my hair start to fall out in the shower. Then, my nails were so frail and brittle that I wasn’t even able to have my nails done, because it would chip off so quickly.

My mom began to become incredibly worrisome as she noticed my appearance drastically changed. I was tired, fatigued, and sleeping all the time. There was no life in my face, I had incredibly pale skin, hair so thin and frail. She knew it was time to find out what was happening. She took me to get blood work done, and the results showed that I was insanely anemic, and my iron level was in the danger zone.

Now, this alarmed my mom tremendously and her next action was to take me to the hospital. When we arrived, after being checked in the doctor immediately recommended that I have blood transfusions. I said, “absolutely not, I preferred to do this the natural way”, and I remember the doctor being very angry with my response. The doctor angrily said, “well, if you walk out of here and die it will not be our fault.”

After leaving the hospital my mom instantly started researching which foods were heavily iron enriched foods and vitamins to help start my recovery. I ate so much liver in the first two weeks that I probably cleaned out my local grocery store. When I would look at my hair, I would get so sad. I was sad because it was so weak, and I wasn’t sure how I could help restore it.

It took me about 5 years to finally get my iron levels to be somewhat normal, but my nails and hair were still not at their full strength. There were so many days and nights I would spend searching the internet for hair growth shampoos or vitamins that were specifically tailored to help for hair loss.

I remember trying so many treatments and eating certain foods to try to get my hair and nail strength back to its natural health. Now, all these products did help, but only to a certain point. 

Then, in comes Wellbel. After about 30 days, I could instantly notice a difference in my nails and hair. My journey with Wellbel has been truly remarkable. The way my hair was restored is mind blowing to me. I have this incredible bounce and strength that makes me so happy every day. I can embrace my incredibly wavy and voluminous mane that makes this journey come full circle. The years I struggled to find the solution was truly worth the wait.

The second someone expresses to me that they are having a hard time with hair loss I instantly recommend Wellbel. I always tell them about how the results are out of this world and they won’t be disappointed! Wellbel is something that will be a part of my routine for the rest of my life.

All I can say is THANK YOU WELLBEL.

You truly change lives.

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