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Real Story Highlight - Sahar Assil

By Sahar Assil |
Real Story Highlight - Sahar Assil

I think that most girls growing up wish to have long beautiful locks of hair like a fairy princess.

I had great hair, not long but healthy.  I grew up trying hard to grow it like Pocahontas.  I tried everything - taking Biotin supplements, cutting my split ends every month, even following the lunar calendar to get a haircut. I was told when you cut your hair on the first day of a full moon it will grow quicker. When nothing worked, I started to spend absurd amounts of money on hair extensions, weaves, clip-ons, even the ones that you would glue on.  I took my hair for granted, even if it wasn’t long like a princess, it still was thick, healthy and shiny.  

Then came my Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis when I was pregnant with my first son. 

I wasn’t educated about the inflammatory disease and did not think I would suffer symptoms other than digestive and bowel issues. Little did I know that my hair would lose its shine and fullness due to not having an intestine working properly to absorb food, pregnancy, hormones and tons of medication.  

Fast forward eight years and three wonderful children later, my disease became so severe that they urgently operated and took out my whole colon, making it even harder to absorb vitamins and minerals.  During those eight years, I was pumped up with medication, cortisone and biologic infusions, causing me to lose a lot of my hair.

I was sad about my hair among other things and started feeling less of a woman and then I stumbled upon wellbel on my Instagram feed.

Seeing that it was vegan and doctor backed, I knew I needed to try it. Within the first month I started seeing new growth. Within two months my hair was growing quickly and within four months my hair was the longest it’s been. Wellbel was easy on my stomach and it absorbed well. It really was a miracle. 

About a month ago, I went to the hairdresser to put in hair extensions for an event and as soon as he saw my hair, he told me I didn’t need them.

I looked in the mirror and my hair was the exact same length as the extensions. I stared at the mirror for a while until I accepted the fact that my real hair was finally long and healthy. Wellbel brought back a part of me that was lost. I am thankful to the creators for making something that works and showcases real results and real people who have had such impactful progress with their supplements.  All I have left to say is thank you!


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