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The 7 Best Holiday Hair Care Gifts For Her

By Mary Kate Nyland |
The 7 Best Holiday Hair Care Gifts For Her

The 7 Best Holiday Hair Care Gifts For Her

It’s finally that time of the year again, which means you might be feeling a little bit of that annual holiday gift anxiety. If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘what do I get my mom for Christmas?’ or ‘how can I get my girlfriend something she’ll actually like?’ don’t sweat it. The holidays can be stressful.

Plus, we’ve got your back. Buying gifts for women can be tough, but if you ask us, there’s no better opportunity than the holidays to help her upgrade her hair products. Hair care is self care, and too often at the holidays, we forget to invest in helping others feel their best. 

Your Gift Guide for Hair Care 2022 

Whether you’re shopping for someone who is obsessed with keeping her hair healthy or someone who’s been hair care curious for a while now, consider this your comprehensive gift guide to the best hair present ideas for 2022. From hair care sets to hyped-up products that are actually worth it, we’ll cover it all.

7 Gift Ideas for Hair Care Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for unique gifts that your loved one will actually love, you can’t go wrong with these seven ideas.

#1: A Hair Supplement

At the top of our gift list is a product near and dear to our hearts. Hair is so personal to so many of us. At any age and at any hair length, the look, feel, and health of our hair can have a huge impact on our self-confidence. A hair supplement, like Wellbel Women, can nourish the body from within, supporting healthier hair growth and transforming self-confidence.

Wellbel Women is made with clean and vegan ingredients like Betaine HCl, which is a reproduction of the Betaine produced inside our bodies. Betaine plays an important role in supporting hair and skin health from the inside out, protecting cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stress.

This once a day supplement is a proven way to grow stronger, happier hair — just ask our community. It’s also never been a better time to buy Wellbel Women as our Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer gets you 30% off three or more bottles of Wellbel Women, plus free shipping.

If you’re looking for gifts for hair stylists, the hair frustrated, or anyone who’s looking to give their hair more volume and vibrance, a hair supplement filled with clean ingredients is a great choice.

#2: A Scalp Brush

Hair health really starts from within, but along the way in our hair journeys, a few accessories can really help. These next ideas are great pairings with a hair supplement like Wellbel.

If you treat hair care as self care, then you can’t deny the soothing powers of a scalp brush. Used on dry hair ahead of a shower, a scalp brush can help lift away build up, dirt, and oil, helping shampoo to work even harder. It also feels incredible. If your loved one appreciates head scratches or head rubs, a scalp brush is a must-get.

In addition to feeling incredible, a scalp brush can also work wonders on new hair growth. One 2016 study showed that regular scalp massages can help increase hair thickness. Something that feels wonderful and helps hair grow stronger? That’s a win-win.

#3: A Deep Conditioning Mask

If you want to give a spa gift but maybe want to avoid the large spa price tag, there are lots of ways you can offer a similar experience at home. One such way? A deep conditioning mask.

Keeping hair moisturized and hydrated is essential in both improving its appearance and preventing split ends and breakage. Your average conditioner in the shower helps, but the truth is our hair needs a little more TLC to reach its best. A weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning mask can do the trick. Remember, conditioned hair is happy hair.

#4: A Heatless Blow Dryer

We had to provide at least one example that’s gone ultra viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Heatless blow dryers have received lots of hype and it’s no exaggeration to say they’ve changed the game when it comes to hair styling accessories. But are they worth it?

Well, heat damage is no joke. Regularly blow drying, curling, or straightening hair, especially without heat protectants and hair oils, can prevent hair strands from getting the hydration they crave so much. A heatless blow dryer generally costs a pretty penny, but the protection it can offer hair is worth a lot. This may be a splurge gift, but we have no doubt it will be well received.

#5: A Silk Pillowcase

These next two gifts are great hair and beauty stocking stuffers, especially for people with curly, frizzy hair.

A silk pillowcase has two major benefits. First, it can help prevent tangles and pulling on the hair overnight, which can lead to frustrating mornings. Second, it can help the hair retain moisture and reap the benefits of overnight products. They’re the most gentle, low-friction option for sleeping. And as a bonus, they usually come in at under $50.


#6: A Microfiber Towel

On the same note, think about getting your loved one a microfiber towel to show her hair some holiday care.

A microfiber towel is gentler on the hair than a standard towel. When our hair is wet, it’s at its most vulnerable and the truth is that all that pulling and wrapping from a standard towel can do real damage. A microfiber towel helps eliminate frizz, reduces drying time, and retains curls. It’s an easy way to up her hair game on wash days at home.

#7: Some Fresh Products

Everyone’s hair is unique which means it requires unique gifts! One great idea is to create a little holiday hair care gift set that’s specific to her hair type. 

There are plenty of hair brands out there that cater to each individual hair type, from 1A to 4C. Shampoo, conditioner, styling serums, and other products for natural hair curls won’t necessarily be the best products for thin hair or straight hair. You don’t need to be a scientist, just take a look at what her hair style looks like naturally, and seek out products that care for her needs. Try to look for products that don’t contain sulfates, parabens, or phthalates, to protect her hair the most and help it grow long and strong.

We tend to think of big, over the top, and special gifts for the holidays but the truth is that upgrading the products she uses every day can make the holiday magic last all year.

Give the Gift of Gorgeous Hair

Buying gifts for the woman who has everything is a tough task, but if you ask us, everyone could use some wellness gifts. Beauty and wellness come from within, whether that comes down to the nutrients we put in our bodies or the time we set aside to care for ourselves. Of the gifts we suggested today, Wellbel Women’s all-natural, clean, and vegan ingredients certainly works the hardest when it comes to hair health.

If you’re ready to help your loved one enter the new year with a strong and happy head of hair, shop online from our site and take advantage of this occasion. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal won’t last. Plus if you order this weekend, you can guarantee you’ll have gifts by Christmas. You’re welcome.


PS: If you’re looking for a similar guide for men, stay tuned, we’ll have lots of holiday hair care gift ideas coming up later this month!


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