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What Is Biotin?

By Dr. Daniel Yadegar |
What Is Biotin?

Most of us have heard about biotin and its role in forming healthier hair, skin and nails. If you’ve ever experienced hair loss or unhealthy hair growth, you’ve probably reached for a biotin supplement in your pharmacy.

Unfortunately, not enough people understand how to take biotin safely and productively. The dosages on the shelves today can cause more harm than good.

Keep reading to learn more about what biotin is responsible for and how you can incorporate it into your supplement routine without any adverse effects.

What Is Biotin And What Does It Do? 

Biotin is actually vitamin B7 and it works to increase the production of keratin, a protein essential for the formation of hair, nails and your skin's outermost layer (the epidermis).

As a result, biotin is often found in beauty products. While at physiologic doses, it is great for keeping us looking youthful, biotin has a few amazing benefits for your overall health. 

These include:

  • Supporting healthy metabolism
  • Protecting brain function and fighting cognitive decline
  • Helping maintain healthier levels of cholesterol
  • Regulating blood sugar and possibly assisting in weight loss
  • Promoting breakdown of macronutrients, allowing you to absorb more of what you need

In short, biotin plays an important role in a healthy and functioning human body.

How Much Biotin Is Too Much?

While we love these beauty and overall health benefits, biotin does ascribe to the old adage that "better is the enemy of good.”

If you take too much biotin, you can end up with unwanted side effects. Many health and beauty products have what we call "supra-therapeutic" doses of biotin, and result in side effects like unwanted rashes and skin breakouts. Wellbel women contains only 500 mcg of biotin, compared to 3500–5000 mcg in other supplements.

Biotin (vitaminB7) excess can cause deficiencies in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and this very imbalance can result in acne flares and skin breakouts. For most people, who are hoping biotin can improve the look of their hair and skin, this result can be discouraging.

Closing The Loop On Biotin Supplements

Hair loss and unhealthy hair growth can be so frustrating. It’s only natural to reach for biotin and hope that it can be the cure you’ve been looking for.

In practice, biotin is just one of several vitamins which play a part in improving hair health. Wellbel women brings biotin, saw palmetto, MSM, and betaine HCL together to support hormone balance and overall wellness. Remember that your hair, skin, and nails are reflections of your internal body health.

At wellbel, our biggest goal is making sure your body has the nutrients it needs in order to thrive. You can learn more about how these ingredients can support healthy hair, skin, and nails here.


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Dr. Daniel Yadegar
Dr. Daniel Yadegar is wellbel’s Medical Director. As a triple board-certified and Harvard-trained doctor, Dr. Dan is widely considered a pioneer in integrative medicine. His medical research has been cited by the New York Times and he’s shared his expertise on major news networks. Dr. Dan believes in formulating supplements of the highest standard, with exclusively non-comedogenic ingredients, that are suited for all hair types and textures.
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