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How Does Wellbel Men Compare To Propecia?

By Dr. Daniel Yadegar |
How Does Wellbel Men Compare To Propecia?

When I was in medical school, I was terrified about losing my hair. Like many men, I began to take Propecia at the age of twenty five, as a sort of “hair insurance,” preventing the effects of aging on my hair growth.

I took Propecia for fifteen years and while the drug is effective at fighting male-pattern baldness, it’s long list of side effects is troubling. Now that I have switched to wellbel men, I have never once looked back.

Wellbel men is a finasteride alternative without side effects. Its clean, vegan, and drug-free ingredients are just as powerful as Propecia, reversing hair loss naturally and effectively. In this post, I’ll outline how Propecia works, its many side effects, and why wellbel men is the natural substitute so many men — including me — have been waiting for.

How Does Propecia Work?

Propecia, also known by its generic name finasteride, is a prescription medication that was approved in 1992.

Originally, Propecia was used as a treatment for prostate enlargement. It works by blocking the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which not only causes prostate enlargement but also the miniaturization of hair follicles and male-pattern baldness. Research suggests that men experiencing hair loss tend to have higher levels of DHT.

That brings us to today, when Propecia is prescribed to millions of men as a means of fighting hair loss. 

The Many Side Effects of Propecia

While effective in slowing down hair loss, Propecia has some notable and well-documented side effects that make many men wary of taking it.  

  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory issues
  • Breast swelling
  • Reduced sperm count and infertility
  • Association with a higher risk of high-grade prostate cancer

Speaking from personal experience, I know how important hair can be when it comes to self-image. But no amount of hair growth is worth these kinds of side effects. 

Wellbel Men: The Natural Alternative to Propecia

Wellbel men isn’t just the best alternative to finasteride (Propecia) — it’s formulated to outperform it and to avoid unwanted and troubling sexual side effects. It is drug-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and sources only the highest impact and purest ingredients. 

We agree that DHT, a form of testosterone, is the major culprit in male-pattern hair loss. One of our main ingredients saw palmetto works in the same fashion as Propecia in supporting normal DHT levels, thought to impact the thickness of hair as individuals age. 

Wellbel Men’s Clean Ingredients

While addressing the testosterone-DHT pathway is certainly important, wellbel men believes in a multipronged approach to hair loss. Unlike Propecia, which addresses a single pathway, we have included other beneficial ingredients to promote healthier and fuller hair.

For example, we included betaine HCl which allows for the efficient protein digestion and mineral assimilation necessary for hair and nail health. We have also included MSM. Sulfur, the main ingredient in methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), is the third-most abundant element by weight in the body and plays a major role in maintaining joint and soft tissue health. Sulfur is important for the generation of connective tissues including hair, cartilage, and collagen in skin. 

Wellbel Men: A Natural Solution To Hair Loss

The bottom-line is that after being on wellbel men, my hair is fuller and thicker than it has ever been. I’m proud to have played a part in formulating an alternative solution to Propecia. There is truly a comfort knowing that I am not taking a prescription medication with known short and long-term side effects and negative health outcomes and that now many other men can join me.

If you’re interested in taking wellbel men, please explore our product page to read reviews, get more details on the ingredients, and start your journey to hair health.


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Dr. Daniel Yadegar
Dr. Daniel Yadegar is wellbel’s Medical Director. As a triple board-certified and Harvard-trained doctor, Dr. Dan is widely considered a pioneer in integrative medicine. His medical research has been cited by the New York Times and he’s shared his expertise on major news networks. Dr. Dan believes in formulating supplements of the highest standard, with exclusively non-comedogenic ingredients, that are suited for all hair types and textures.
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