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The 5 Best Holiday Hair Care Gifts For Him

By Mary Kate Nyland |
The 5 Best Holiday Hair Care Gifts For Him

We’re quickly approaching the end of December and with that comes a very important question: what do you get for the men in your life? Whether you’re shopping for a friend, a husband, or a father, finding the right gift can feel like a daunting task.

Our advice?

Stick to their roots…. literally. Men’s hair products are a great way to show the men in your life that you care, especially if you pick products that feature natural ingredients. Keep reading for our guide to our best holiday hair care gift ideas. 

Helping Your Man Up His Hair Care Game

Hair care and skin care are both highly personal. Even though sometimes the world tells us that it’s only important for women, the truth is that everyone puts a little bit of stock in what they see in the mirror. And when that reflection doesn’t line up with your expectations, that can have a serious impact on your confidence. 

So how do you buy hair care products for someone, without suggesting that their hair is less than perfect? One strategy that we’ve found works well is focusing on ‘upgrading’ their everyday products. From their daily supplements to the bottles they reach for in the shower, making small changes can make a big difference. 

5 Hair Care Gift Ideas For Him

So with that said, let’s get into some of our favorite hair products for men, so they can enter the new year with a full, healthy head of hair.

A Subscription to Wellbel Men

If one of the men in your life wants to prevent hair loss or thinning hair, then one of the best gifts you can offer them is a nourishing internal upgrade, in the form of Wellbel Men

Wellbel Men is a daily supplement that packs a serious punch when it comes to hair health. Our proprietary blend of all-natural, clean, and vegan ingredients can help men dealing with patterned baldness to reclaim their hair strength, restoring their hair thickness and density.

For a long time, men had limited options when it came to addressing hair growth. Most major hair regrowth supplements and men’s products include a chemical ingredient called finasteride. Finasteride is effective in encouraging hair growth, but it also comes with unfortunate sexual side effects. The good news? It’s no longer the only option.

What’s now more clear than ever is that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Nourishing vitamins and ingredients can help support healthier and thicker hair — and they can do so without any side effects. 

Our Medical Director Dr. Daniel Yadegar (Dr. Dan) was a long time finasteride user. He formulated Wellbel Men in part to discover a natural solution to this issue that so many men, including himself, deal with. With ingredients like saw palmetto, betaine HCl, bamboo extract, biotin, and vitamins A, D, and B12, Wellbel Men is helping a growing community of men to strengthen hair strands, stimulate hair growth, and promote confidence.

A Grooming Set

If the man in your life is looking to up his hair game, there’s nothing better he can do than improving his internal nutrition and hydration, with a supplement like Wellbel Men. But once he’s got his hair looking stronger, he’ll need some accessories to help it look its best — and yes, that includes facial hair.

Grooming sets are a dime a dozen in the men’s hair product industry, especially around the holidays, but they’re not all made equally. We like to look for ones that focus on skin health, particularly if you’re shopping for someone with sensitive skin. We tend to think of hair and skin as external parts of our body, but they’re just as susceptible to harmful and damaging ingredients as the rest of it.

If you’re looking for beard oils or a scalp treatment, look for products that focus on internal wellness just as much as external appearance with safe, tested ingredients.

A Shampoo and Conditioner Refresh

To that end, another great idea is to refresh their regular hair care products, like shampoo and conditioner, swapping them out for products that include higher quality and natural formulas. 

Seek out products that include ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, or coconut oil and that exclude ingredients like sulfates and parabens, which can lead to damaged hair and do harm to their internal wellness.

It’s also a good idea to consider your recipient’s hair type and curl pattern. Lots of men seek out a versatile hair product, but the truth is that everyone’s hair is different and will respond differently to certain formulas. There are all sorts of hair types — from frizzy hair to dry hair to straight hair to wavy hair to curly hair. One-size-fits-all products are commonly marketed toward men but they deserve just as much personalization as anyone else.

Whether they deal with excess oil or a dry scalp and flaking, a thoughtful refresh of their shower products will show you care. Plus, lots of brands offer gift sets for the holidays!

Natural Styling Products

That same advice goes for styling products as well. From styling cream to hair paste to hair wax, men have plenty of options for shaping their hair, but less resources about which products are the best for both their external appearance and internal health. 

Our advice? The best hair putty and the best hair clay are the ones that put your wellness first. Look for clean ingredients and proven formulas. When it comes to something like hair gel and hair spray, opt for a light hold or a medium hold which won’t weigh down their hair.

And don’t forget about hair care products like a deep conditioner or soothing serum. Hair products that support scalp health are truly genderless. 

A Scalp Brush

Last but not least is a scalp brush, which is a great gift because it’s helpful for hair growth and also feels amazing.

Your scalp is supposed to have natural oils on it but after a while, hair products, sweat, dirt, and oil lead to build up that shampoo alone cannot address. A scalp brush helps washes go even further, lifting away that build up from dry hair before a shower.

What’s more, studies show that scalp massagers help encourage hair growth by stimulating and stretching living hair follicles. It’s a great option for anyone with fine hair who is looking to thicken and strengthen their hair strands.

Give the Gift of Confidence of Hair Health

Shopping for men’s hair products doesn’t have to be daunting. With a focus on refreshing or upgrading your loved ones’ hair routines, you can give the gift that truly keeps on giving. 

While hair products and grooming accessories can help improve your hair’s appearance, the best thing you can do to strengthen hair follicles and encourage hair growth is to give your body the nourishment it needs. With its all-natural, clean, and vegan ingredients, Wellbel Men promotes hair growth, resulting in thicker hair and a natural shine. Just ask our community, of every hair type and all hair textures, who say these supplements have changed their self-confidence game.


We don’t know of a better gift than confidence.



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